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Many parts of Kentucky hit by two storms in one week

WEST LIBERTY, KY (WAVE) – In a town hit twice by storms in three days Martha Hall, who cares for her bedridden brother, had no time to get to the basement before the tornado hit.

She said her family are some of the lucky ones, "I though it was going to take us with it, it was so strong."

 State police said some of the fatalities happened out in the county, in torn apart homes, but some occurred in the devastated county seat of West Liberty. The courthouse, city hall, much of downtown reduced to rubble.

Utilities have been knocked out. Only first responders are allowed in. The crews are to keep looters out, and to give search and rescue teams and K-9 crews the room to look for the missing, building by building.

Police said there are people unaccounted for, and they could be buried in rubble, but with a chaotic and fluid situation ever since the tornado hit, they said some could just be elsewhere.  Lt. David J said, "Maybe at shelters or at loved ones homes so we really can't get an accurate count yet."  

John Sword said he had his own lock down when the tornado hit, shepherding 15 people children, sick elderly into this basement, "We  got them in and it was so strong my son and I held the door, we just thank the good lord we are all safe."

 In Kenton County Kentucky storms killed three people. Governor Steve Beshear toured the damage Saturday. A couple in their 70's was killed in their home, as was a 49-year-old man who was driving on US  25 when the storm hit.

An emergency shelter was set up by the Red Cross at the Grant County High School. Volunteers were asked to stay away from the area until downed power lines and other hazards were taken care of.

Rescuers went through all the buildings in the area twice to make sure they found everyone. And governor Beshear got a call from President Obama, which gave the Governor an opportunity to lay the groundwork for requesting federal assistance. He reminded the President that Kentucky had taken a double hit from tornadoes over the past week.

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