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Henryville works to pick up the pieces

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - People in the town of Henryville are picking up the pieces after Friday's devastating tornado.

Homes are destroyed, cars are thrown around like toys, trees split in half, and countless personal belongings can never be replaced. But, the small community is pulling together to help each other.

Many were packing up what they could looking for anything mother nature left behind.

Betty Carver had an army of helpers moving her things out.  Carver said the material things can be replaced.

"We are alive and made it, God has blessed us," said Carver.

The fear of looters left many residents picking up their belongings. People were packing up everything they could carry to take with them before night fell. Along with jewelry and other items, people are afraid copper thieves will come to the area.

At St. Francis Xavier Church off of Highway 160, in a matter of hours donations poured in so people could get back on their feet. Supplies filled the basement. Everything from food, clothes, personal care products, blankets, and pet food are available for people in need.

The Church is still taking in donations.

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