One dead after tornado struck Nabb

NABB, IN (WAVE) – A life was lost after what is believed to be the same EF4 tornado that struck Henryville, went though the extreme southeast corner of Scott County in Nabb.

The man who died was in his trailer on the north side of 362 when the tornado hit. "The gentleman sustained injuries as his trailer was turned over and sent across the road. He didn't survive those injuries later on in the hospital," said Scott County Sheriff Dan McClain of the man who died Friday at Scott Memorial Hospital.

The tornado destroyed more than a dozen structures including homes along IN 362.

Sunday crews were still assessing damage. At least 12 homes destroyed.

It'll be about mid-week before power is restored to Nabb, and longer for the town to heal. Cindy Martin, a resident of Nabb said, "I'm still numb. But look at all these people. So many people have come out to help clean up and we're so grateful for that."

Chuck Martin's day took a turn for the worst Friday, the same day his children got married in Vegas, "I'm right in between somewhere between laughing and crying." He knew the man who died. He ID'd him as Chris Glovers, A man in his 60s, who relocated Nabb from California.

Martin said, "We spent 10 years riding our lawn mowers around waving at each other.  He had some health problems in recent years, diabetes and something else. But, it's a big loss when you lose one of your neighbors."

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