Almost half of Henryville school building destroyed

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A spokesperson for the West Clark Community Schools said 40 percent of the K-12 building in Henryville is destroyed.

Henryville Elementary school is connected with Henryville Junior-Senior High School. Structural engineers toured the tornado torn campus Monday.

"It doesn't even look like the same place," said teacher's aide Roberta Cooper who was inside when the storm hit.

Asst. Superintendent and spokesperson Dr. John Reed says they are searching for places from New Albany to Scottsburg to put the 1200 students.

"We're exploring what it would it take  to turn a facility into a school setting," Reed said there are many restrictions they must follow. "(We're) looking at schools that aren't in use in the area. We've also explored the possibility of mobile classrooms."

They are looking for space for about 80 classrooms. Reed says they want students to go as close to home as possible

"I'm very sad," said 10-year-old Keagan Blakley. "I just hope that this place goes back to normal."

School officials continue to survey the damage and see what they can save.

"They're looking at things like textbooks, chairs, and desks," said Reed. "The big project right now is getting all the records out and making sure it's secure."

Reed says they are in a safe and should be fine. The challenge is getting to the safe through the rubble. The district also has digital backups.

The administration is gathering information, but the decision of where to send the children is up to the West Clark School Board. The Board is meeting on Thursday night and could make a decision then.

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