Firefighters in Milton plan to rebuild

MILTON, KY (WAVE) - Firefighters in Milton, Kentucky are planning to rebuild their fire station after a tornado ripped theirs to pieces on Friday.

Not much is standing from Milton's fire station 2, but Andrew Stark is.

"As soon as it hit, the whole building lifted up 6 inches and I could see underneath and I thought it was over for me," Stark recalled.

With the sides of the building thrown like pebbles hundreds of feet away, and pieces of the building's insulation infused in the fallen trees, Milton Fire Chief Jason Long said it was a miracle that Stark survived in the bathroom of the building.

"He's really lucky. The only part left standing is the part he was in," Long said.

Perhaps the biggest loss for the department was the fish fry unit. It was their primary means of raising money for their budget.

"We're a non-taxing fire department. We rely on nothing but donations. That was how we raised money and now that that's gone, we're out that money," said Long.

On Monday, the department said goodbye to one of its two engines that was heavily damaged from the massive tornado.

"It is going to affect our response times having this station being down, we're not able to respond to other areas as quickly as we should," Long said.

With help from their brothers in nearby fire departments and the community, they will rebuild. A promise is right outside in the form of a sign.

"This building is probably going to be demolished and we're going to rebuild," Stark said.

Somehow with the damage right in their face, both men can't help but feel lucky.

"Over here, there are a lot of lucky people," Long continued. "If you look just across the river in Chelsea and Henryville, that's the same storm, same tornado. It could have done a lot more here, so we were extremely lucky."

While their fish fry unit is down, the department is asking the community for help through monetary donations. You can do so by clicking here. (

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