Help for 'forgotten' victims

HENRYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Down the Henryville- Otisco Highway there is a whole new meaning to the term home fires burning. While some might call this area the middle of nowhere, it is somewhere to the people who call it home.

What is left of Charlie Troncin's home is going up in flames. His wife and 2 kids survived without a scratch. They held on as the house above just went away.

Others weren't so lucky, Doug Montgomery's brother and sister-in-law were pulled from their home by the storm.  Both were badly hurt and so was a woman across the street.

While there hasn't been a lot of attention focused in his hometown, help is starting to come in.

Dan Rhodes of Convoy of Hope found himself in Charlie's rubble today. Volunteer Medics stopped by with a bin full of supplies.

As this community looks to the future, bonfires will surely dot the landscape first but then something special will happen..

A higher power has been at work here all along said Charlie..

While it seems like they have been forgotten the people around here say they were remembered when it counted most. Everyone survived.

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