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Several pets missing after tornadoes hit southern Indiana

Written by Michael Clark

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Tornado victims' families are coping with the loss of their homes and now some are frantically searching for their missing pets. Several are being taken to area animal shelters, while others remain on the loose.

You could hear barks before the kennel door opened at J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter. Man's best friends sat alone, without their other half.

"Here we have probably around 15 animals total from the storm," said director Sarah Green.

Once part of a family some were trembling, hoping to be reunited with their loved ones.  Green is trying to make that happen.

"We'd like to house all the strays so that people have a central location to look for their animal," Green continued. "We're trying to keep from having them go here and there and everywhere because in the end it's going to be hard to reunite the owners with their pets."

On Friday, we showed you Trigger and Tyson being saved from their home. Luckily, they stayed put to be rescued, but others wandered off from home.

"They're already going through a terrible emotional time and the one comfort they have is their pets and they're missing and they don't know what's happened to them and it's really traumatic for them," Green said.

Without tags or collars, Green doesn't even know the animal's names.  Through Facebook she posts pictures of the animals found and looks for descriptions of others still missing.

"I've seen a little bit of activity on Facebook, people posting on our Facebook page that they've lost their animal," Green told us.

In the meantime, the shelter's lobby is stacked with donations to care for the pets until they're home.

"I wish there was more we could do, but hopefully those animals will come through over the next couple of days," Green said.

Below are some links to Facebook pages where found and missing animals are being reported.

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