Electricity restored to parts of Henryville

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Tuesday marked a huge step forward toward restoring civilization in Henryville, as electricity and phone service were restored to parts of the battered town.

"As far as damage wise, I compare it to Katrina," said Dayvin Strantz with the Indiana statewide REMC network.

Crews from several regions have been dispatched to Henryville to aide in the restoration efforts, but they've had to make changes.

"You try to start at the substation and work your way out on the main feeders, but unfortunately in this storm, the substation is gone because it hit right downtown," Strantz told WAVE 3.

Bucket trucks are everywhere, with people working in the sky and on the ground to get new poles and wires in place to get the power back to everyone.

Tuesday night, streetlights were on in a small part of Henryville; the light perhaps looking more like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Crews from Frontier Communications also work 'round the clock to restore telecommunications, but it hasn't been easy; crews are working nearly double to get the job done.

"I'd say 12 to 14 hours per day since Saturday," said Greg Bentley with Frontier Communications.

Tiny wires hold the key to restoring dial tones to cell and landline phones, but there's a slight bump in the road.

"We just found some problems in the underground today where the tornado actually pulled the cable out," Bentley said.

Despite some setbacks and unexpected discoveries, crews believe that telephone service and electricity will be restored by the end of the week to nearly all of Henryville.

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