Loads of laundry lead to loads of hope

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – One of the few things in life that isn't emotional is the laundry, until now.

Demi Greene, a tornado survivor, has been helping with a neighbor's laundry. She dropped it off for her, a kind gesture since her neighbor is severely injured and lost her husband in the storm.

Demi is dropping the laundry off, at one of the most unusual Laundromats there are, the Tide Mobile Laundry Program truck.

The truck is essentially a semi, filled with dozens of washers and dryers on each side. It responds to disasters, like tornadoes and hurricane Katrina.

Ryan Laster who works with the Mobile Laundry Program said, "We actually lived in the disaster area in the parking lot, next to the machine, and actually saw families sleeping in their cars right outside of our vehicles."

The people who work on the truck said it's common for folks to walk up, hand over dirty clothes and start crying.

Everyone who comes to drop off clothes appears lost over what to do next. Demi said, "You can only do so much, and it's interesting because I always like to think we're all so organized. But when this happens, there is no organization. You don't know what to do or where to start."

The Tide truck can handle 300 loads a day, but they had 800 loads dropped off on the first day in Joplin, Missouri.

Workers on the truck said once in awhile, when this truck can't handle it, they have to go find a laundromat.

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