Governor visits Menifee County

Menifee County, KY (WAVE) - One by one, the heart of the entire county is coming together in one building.

Volunteers, taping up boxes and loading up necessities that people who live just miles away from the Elementary school they are in, don't have any more.

Wednesday Governor Steve Beshear began a tour of the tornado damage in Menifee County.

A helicopter touched down to get a good look at a place that is pretty much unrecognizable.

But as days start to turn into a week and hope starts to dwindle, the leader of this heartbroken state offers these words of encouragement, "I can tell the folks here and all across Kentucky this, we're not going to stop. We're going to be working night and day with get everyone through this and back up on their feet."

A day everyone here can't wait for, as volunteers show, Menifee County's spirit can not and will not be broken.

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