Cleanup continues one week after storm

HARDIN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Clean-up continues in Hardin and LaRue Counties, after being hit by tornadoes on Wednesday. Hodgenville Road saw the worst of the damage from the EF2 tornado in Hardin County a week ago. Debris is still piled up. The damaged homes look a lot like they did at this time last Wednesday.

Just down the road in Larue County, homeowners already have crews putting up new roofs and fixing damage. Both counties are getting help from the state paying for things like debris removal. The victims in this area said they are grateful for that as many are still staying with family and packing up what they could save.

"It's been rough. We didn't have much anyway," said Robert Hall, whose trailer was damaged by the storm. "To lose what little we had was difficult, but we'll get through it. I have no doubt about that."

Hall said though it's been rough, seeing the pictures of what's happened in Indiana makes him feel like he's blessed.

Emergency Management in Hardin County said they received a 50 thousand dollar grant from the state that they will use to put up dumpsters for people to drop-off debris.

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