Tornado marks third tragedy for one family

The Bridges' bowling alley in Sellersburg burned in 2010.
The Bridges' bowling alley in Sellersburg burned in 2010.
The Bridges' tornado-damaged home in Henryville.
The Bridges' tornado-damaged home in Henryville.

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – The March 2 tornado marks the third tragedy for one Kentuckiana family.

Helen Bridges has worked for everything in her life, including her Henryville home.

"Our dream home," is how she described it.

She and her husband built it in stages in the 1950s. "We worked every week and then took the paycheck and bought building materials," Bridges said.

The house is still standing, but it's badly damaged. Insurance crews are still determining whether the house and all the memories it holds will have to be torn down.

"I know, but, I'll handle it okay. I'm one of those kinds that whatever has to be will be," Bridges said, able to muster a smile.

That attitude has helped her carry through several tragedies.

The tornadoes on Friday, March 2 marked the two-year anniversary of when she lost her business.

Fire raged through her family's bowling alley in Sellersburg in 2010.

Before that, in 1990, it ironically was damaged in a tornado.

But while it may seem like bad luck has struck three times, it's not striking down Bridges' mood.

"I just take it day by day," Bridges said.

Since Friday, Bridges and her family have worked to empty her home, putting many salvageable items in storage.

As volunteers have flooded the community, they've been helping the family cut down trees and haul away debris.

When it comes to monetary donations, Bridges has turned those down, saying she's more fortunate than others.

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