Liberty Green bringing city closer to goals

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Years ago, Louisville had a goal to rebuild their downtown neighborhoods with a mix of people and incomes. Now, the city is getting closer to that goal.

Mayor Greg Fischer and developers cut the ribbon on the Edge of Liberty Green on Thursday. "Today, with the opening of the first privately developed condos, we're one step closer to that goal where you can have home ownership as part of this mix as well," said Mayor Fischer.

Liberty Green is a new addition of sleek and modern condominiums that for the first time, are putting the option for home ownership on the table.

The condos are all part of continued revitalization of the Smoketown area of downtown Louisville, starting with Sheppard Square.

Tim Berry with the Louisville Housing Authority said, "The project itself is about $101 million. We have five years to finish, so we have to be done by, and this is HUD requirement. We have to be done by the fall of 2016. We anticipate building roughly 300 apartments and at the moment, 25 home ownership units."

Nguyin spoke about the future of his developing neighborhood.

"The future's looking good man. It looks like Boston or something down here,man. It looks like Boston back behind me," said Nguyin as he smiled.

The new condominiums at Liberty Green are priced from around $100,000 to $430,000  with many more units expected in the future. To see if you're eligible, click here.

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