Henryville students know where they will go to class

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Students in Henryville are preparing to head back to class. The West Clark Community School Board voted Thursday night on not only when to send the kids back, but where. Almost half of their school was destroyed in last week's EF 4 tornado.

In a unanimous vote the board approved a move of the elementary students to the former Graceland Christian School in New Albany. They are hopeful to make move by the week of March 19th.

Juniors and seniors will stay together in the Mid America Science Park about 10 minutes in the other direction in Scottsburg, Indiana. The older students will start a little later, hopefully by April 2.

They came to the decision because there wasn't a building big enough to house all grades and the idea of portable classrooms became to expensive.  

Initially Dr. Reed says they thought they had lost everything when the storm went through their building. Turns out, they should be able to save more than half of what's inside, but they can't get to it right now, so the school, like a lot of people in Henryville, are relying on donations for everything from desks to busses. "There are an enormous amount of school districts that have stepped forward to help us and the text books publishers have stepped forward and assured us we will get all the text books we need," said Dr. Reed.

They said supplies are still needed including backpacks and books. The tornado took out the library.

While they will have to put up with a temporary library and classroom for at least the rest of the year, Dr. Reed is confident they will be back in their old building. "There's enough structurally sound parts of the building that we think it can be quickly restored." Maybe even by the start of next school year.

If you'd like to donate books, or other supplies, or even money, the district has several drop-off locations:

St. Francis Catholic Church
Hwy 31 and Hwy 160
P.O. Box 368
Henryville, IN 47126
(812) 256-3200

Country Lakes Retreat Center
815 Country Lake Rd.
Underwood, IN 47177

Memphis Christian Church
13503 Memphis-Bluelick Rd.
Memphis, IN 47143

Borden Community Church
Activity Building behind church
1225 E. Water St.
Borden, IN 47106
Doors open 24 hours

Money Donations:
WCCS or Henryville Schools
601 Renz Ave.
Sellersbrug, IN 47172

In the memo section: FBO: Henryville Elementary or Henryville High School

Please make sure to include a return address to mail a receipt back.

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