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County officials visit hardest hit area in Borden

BORDEN, IN (WAVE) – Residents of southern Indiana were still waiting to hear about federal assistance in six counties devastated by tornadoes, including Clark, Jefferson, and Washington.  

"We're trying to do everything we can to make it a successful recovery," said Ed Meyer, Clark County Commissioner. 

At Daisy Hill United Methodist Church, Clark County officials met with residents to offer vital information and a message of hope. Borden had its share of pure devastation after the tornado ripped through on Friday.
"It's been tough, but everybody is helping everybody and that really makes you feel good," said Meyer. 

What's left of Vickie Jackson's home will be taken down this weekend. "I try not to cry, but there ain't nothing you can do, you look around and everything you've grown up with is gone, everything," said Jackson. 

Meyer says they are making sure all the communities that were hit hard are helped. "We know they are here, I have family up this way too, so we want to do everything we can for them, too," said Jackson.

One of the biggest blessings on Daisy Hill pulled up on Wednesday, a truck full of everyday essentials available to anybody in need. 

"They didn't even know we existed that's what we felt like, but then after that everybody started coming around," said Jackson. 

All joining together to rebuild a tight knit community that was torn to shreds. "You just don't know how many good people there are out there, until something like this happens and then everybody comes together," said Jackson. 

County officials hope to learn if they are granted federal assistance sometime next week.

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