Colts help clean up Henryville

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Cleaning up what remains of Henryville is not an easy task. That's why those who may know more about team work than most have stepped up to at least make a dent.

Employees in the front office, cheerleaders and the players themselves like Defensive Back Stevie Brown with the Indianapolis Colts made the two hour drive down south ready to work.

"We're going to go through the school, help clean up a bit and then they said we'll go where the tornado went through here. Just help people clean up. Help people get things situated," said defensive back Stevie Brown.

Nick Shelton is one of those people. He opened Henrvyille Auto Service in August. It disappeared Friday. "With the whole team they've done more in one hour or two than I've been able to get accomplished all week, even with what help we had. It's amazing," said Shelton.

But the players, like Brown, said it's the least they could do. He jumped at the chance to help. Growing up in Columbus, he knows how easily what he sees in Henryville could have easily been his home. "Someone asked earlier does it put football in perspective. I said definitely. Football's a game. This is life. These are people's lives. This is what they worked so hard for to achieve in their life, so to have it all destroyed you want to help them get it back."

Shelton said he does want his shop back. He's not sure if he'll be able to rebuild, but with all these helping hands it's made starting that process just a little easier.

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