School transformations underway in Henryville

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - While tornado clean up continues in Henryville, there are 1,200 students from West Clark Community Schools who need to finish out the school year.

An entire school was carved up by the tornado. Its occupants will now be split up into two neighboring counties. Henryville junior and senior high students will go north to Scottsburg. Grade schoolers will head south to Floyds County, where the transformation is already underway.

At Graceland Christian School in New Albany, crews were unloading a giant truck Monday morning.

"We've put in a lot of work 15-16 hour  days," said Elementary Principal Dr. Glenn Riggs.

Students desks, with their names even some with books still in them were found unscathed.

"Hopefully feel a comfort in that, oh this is my space, my little nook," said Riggs.

The items that were found from the school are being brought in to the new temporary home for elementary students.

Nearly 700 students will continue the school year in a space 1/3 of the size of where they used to be.

A wireless network is being installed, railings will be added to the stairways, and this room will be converted into six classrooms.

"We had a very high tech school used a lot of technology in our instruction that we are not going to have here it's going to be old school," said Riggs. "They are very excited about getting back to school.  That is unusual when you have children, I wanna go back to a school Dr. Riggs!

Dr. Riggs hopes to have elementary students  back in early next week.

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