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Bill to protect students from being bullied dies

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – A bill to protect students from being bullied by their classmates has died in the State House Education Committee.

Parents showed up Tuesday hoping for stronger legislation against bullying.

Travis Campbell is one of those parents. He said his daughter Miranda was bisexual and she was bullied about it at school. The freshman in High school took her own life back in February, just six weeks ago.

Campbell's is just one of the many stories that were told. The common theme among parents is that bullying needs to be a bigger issue, according to them, a more powerful bill needs to be passed.

The current law requires schools to have plans in place for dealing with bullies. The proposed law would have outlined specific categories of students to be protected in Kentucky.

Some lawmakers feared it would give special rights to gay students and said the current laws are enough.  Representative Ben Waide said, "Why don't we enforce the laws that we have instead of trying to create protected classes?"

Campbell wanted to know, "What recourse are we supposed to take, if the administrators refuse to listen to the problem?"

Despite the bill not passing, the parents there told WAVE 3 they would not give up.

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