Tis the season for not just allergies, flu is here too!

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- For anyone thinking the flu season missed us, think again.  Doctors, mostly pediatricians, from all around Kentuckiana are reporting a large number of patients with flu-like symptoms.  The other biggie is allergy problems.

Here are two of the reports from this week's What's Going Around:

Dr. Jeb Teichman, Jeffersonville-  We began seeing a lot of it in the last two weeks, it's mostly Influenza A. split between H1N1, (last years swine flu) and H3N2. Both strains are in this year's vaccine so we have a good match this year and it is not too late to get your vaccine if you have not done so.  We are also still seeing strep throat as well.  The symptoms of both are similar.

For influenza: Spread is by respiratory secretions so good cough or sneeze protocol and good hand washing are important to limit spread.  Incubation period is about 48 hours and a person is contagious for 24 hours before onset of symptoms and up to 7 days afterward.
Symptoms: fever, sore throat, cough body aches vomiting may occur in 30% of children but is unusual in adults

See your doctor As soon as possible after the onset of symptoms there is treatment for influenza but to be most effective it needs to be started within 48 hours from the onset of symptoms very important that folks with high risk conditions like children under 6 months of age, asthmatics, the elderly, pregnant folks and anyone with chronic illness see their doctor as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms. It is particularly important to seek medical attention if you are recovering from the flu and seem to relapse with high fever.  

We also have RSV and a stomach virus with vomiting and diarrhea going around as well

Dr. Judy Theriot, UofL Pediatrics- Some children have allergies year round.  These are the kids that cough, sneeze or have pink itchy watery eyes when exposed to animals, dust or other indoor allergens.
However, the unseasonal warm weather these last couple weeks have brought on the spring allergies early.  We are seeing a lot of children with itchy watery eyes, itchy runny noses and congestion when they spend time outside.  
What can they do?  Avoid the thing they are allergic to!  If that is not possible see your child's doctor. They may need a nasal steroid or a  long acting antihistamine to get them through this time of the year.  Both medications will help control allergy symptoms.

If the allergic symptoms are so bad it is effecting your child's daily functioning and well being then they may be a candidate for immunotherapy (AKA allergy shots).  Again you will have to visit your child's doctor and ask if allergy shots are right for your child.  If the doctor thinks allergy shots may help they will refer you to an allergy specialist for testing.