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Bullitt County homeowners worry about potential rezoning in Heritage Hill

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SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Some Bullitt County families are slowly watching their dreams slip away as developers talk about starting work in Shepherdsville.

An industrial park could pop up in the area of the Heritage Hill Golf Course and subdivision.

Several homeowners are so worried, they created the non-profit group Concerned Families of Bullitt County. They hope there is still time to stop the potential rezoning and save their neighborhood and what many consider their dream homes. 

As golf season just getting started, Lisa Egbert can't imagine living anywhere else.

"It's gorgeous. It's extremely peaceful," said Egbert. 

But she worries that may soon change. Her home is part of the Heritage Hill subdivision, owned by Valley View Farms. The owners have requested to rezone a portion of their 800 acres and sell to light industrial developers. 

"I don't know one person in the world, whose dream home is next to an industrial park," said Diana Commer, who has lived on Valley View Drive for more than 20 years. 

Frank Pittman can't argue with that. He thought for years this spot was ideal for his retirement. "If they are allowed to rezone that, my future in Bullitt County, Shepherdsville is over, and at this point in my life it will be difficult to do, but I will be relocating somewhere." 

Eric Farris, the attorney representing the landowners, said that in 2003, their vision was to develop the property in hopes it would take off, but that wasn't the case.

"They are heartbroken to have seen the bottom fall out of the real estate market, and they have done all they could to find partners, developers, golf course interests to work to maintain the initial plan," said Farris. 

Farris said the landowners have been advised by their bank to foreclose on the property, so they feel selling to an industrial developer is the last resort.

"I understand the hard times in the housing market, but it is just a shock," said Egbert. "This is such a family community. This was a dream of the owners, and so many of us loved the dream, bought into the dream, and we really want to keep the dream alive."

Farris said that on March 22, they will present their request to the Planning and Zoning Commission at a public hearing. The discussion will ultimately be up to the Shepherdsville City Council to approve.

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