Fans cheer on Cardinals at home

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Cardinal fans who couldn't make the trip all the way out to Portland gathered around Louisville to cheer on their team in the win against Davidson Thursday afternoon.

At the Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe work was pushed aside, replaced with some backseat coaching in University of Louisville's first round game in the tournament, no matter what the boss might think about it. "My boss is actually a fan. He doesn't know where I am, though." says Michael Steale. Steale came with a group of diehards who wouldn't miss watching the game. "I have a great deal of faith in the Louisville basketball program and they're going to do as well as they can possibly do."

Not everyone was playing hooky. "We're actually stopping in Louisville. We're going to Nashville to watch Ohio play, but I'm a huge cardinal fan," says Elizabeth Ogg. An Ohio native, it's Rick Pitino that makes Ogg a fan. "I met him when I was in sixth grade and I played basketball back then so I just started following him ever since then."

Ogg has faith the Cardinals will be one of the last four teams standing. "I'd like to see us at least get to play Michigan State. I think we lost to them a few years ago. I think beating them would be a big win for us." That prediction is one step closer to becoming a reality now that they beat Davidson. A win that made missing out on work or traveling to watch the game well worth it.

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