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Mother who lost legs after tornado is released from hospital

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Henryville mother, willing to risk it all to save her children when a tornado tore through their home, is now out of the hospital. 

Stephanie Decker is currently at Southern Indiana Rehab. With a smile on her face, she was rolled out of University of Louisville Hospital exactly two weeks from the day she was brought in.

"I feel pretty awesome, I didn't expect to feel this way, but I feel healthy and I feel strong," said Stephanie. 

Stephanie's survival story is nothing short of a miracle.

Taking cover in the basement with her children, Stephanie wrapped 8-year-old Dominic and 5-year-old Reece in a blanket and used her own body as a shield to protect them from flying debris.

Two steel beams crushed her legs, both had to be amputated, one above the knee and the other above the ankle. Her children walked away unharmed. 

Her husband Joe, a Silver Creek High School teacher and coach, was ready to be her support. 

"I was worried when this first happened, that I was going to have to go into coaching mood, that I was going to have to be like 'hey you can do this, we are going to be ok,' but that was never the case," said Joe. "Immediately from day one she was like 'let's get this going,' no woe it's me, 'I'm ok. Let's get this stuff fixed."

But in the end, she was the one that inspired him. "I know her personality and I know how much it means to her to get out of the hospital to move on to something else," said Joe Decker.

Now it's on to rehab, striving towards her goal to walk again, all while still thinking of the others affected by the storms. 

"The community is here to help, not just me, but everyone and hopefully they can get their lives back on track as well," said Stephanie.

With a constant glass half full outlook, to those around her, there's no doubt the sky's the limit from here. "That attitude comes from my upbringing with my family," said Stephanie. "I've always had a strong support system and they told me that I can do anything."

The Decker family is now starting over in Sellersburg. Stephanie hopes to join her family at home in two weeks, and said hopefully she will have just one more surgery ahead. 

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