Community steps up to give Henryville students proper prom

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Henryville, Indiana seniors feared the loss of their school meant all their celebrations leading up to graduation would be canceled.

The great news? The prom is on and the community is making it happen.

The list of giving is long.

Kye's in Jeffersonville offered their building for the Henryville prom April 27.  And, from shoes to dresses and tuxes, it's all there for the kids and some of the shopping started Friday night.

"We're going to have hopefully, a big prom this year," said excited Henryville Senior Sarah Richey.  Richey was wearing a huge smile at the Clark County Indiana 4-H Fairgrounds, the site of Prom Aid of Southern Indiana.

Richey is now shopping for the dance she didn't think would happen.

Showing us her bright orange prom dress she said, "It fits close to the floor so, I get to wear some Chuck Taylor's with it ."

Prom Aid is set up for girls who needed a little help getting ready for the big day, but it changed dramatically once the tornado hit and wiped out the Henryville school.

The donations poured in.

"We have over 800 dresses now," said Rachel Seals with Prom Aid, who's thrilled to help her friends in Henryville.  She told WAVE 3, "They have this thing going, saying we're going to have prom, no matter what happens."

Meanwhile, across town Red Cross volunteer Kathy Tavares has transformed her kitchen into a designer boutique.  "We have every color, every size, every style," she said describing the all the dresses, "we have strapless, spaghetti straps, long, short and everything in between!"

Tavares put out the word to friends and family and local consignment shops like Annie's Corner in Jeffersonville and Margaret's in Louisville.

"I started getting calls, " Tavares remembered hearing from her friends, "I've got two dresses, I've got three dresses and I can bring these over to the house."

On Saturday, March 24, it all goes to Kye's, along with vouchers for free dry cleaning, hair, nails, makeup, jewelry and you name it, they'll have it.

"What about the boys?" Asked Storm Volunteer Rex Landers, "All the girls are going to be at the prom with no boys?

Landers wanted to help. So, he put out the word for the fellas on several Facebook pages.  He made a plea," "They need, not only the tux but, they need shoes and socks to wear with that tux."

Rex had a great prom himself: Silver Creek High Class of '65. He says he can't imagine, what that special night will mean for the seniors of Henryville who lost their school.

"They've lost a lot and they're going to come together as friends and they're going to be hugging one another, so it's going to mean a lot to these kids."

Sarah added of what the community is doing, "I think it's awesome!"

Again, the next big shopping event is Saturday March 24, at Kye's in Jeffersonville, from 9 a.m. until Noon.

Some businesses are already answering Rex's challenge for Tuxes. We are told "J. Alan Formalwear, Inc. in Louisville is among those helping.  Other seniors in southern Indiana who live in towns that suffered tornado damage will also be helped with getting ready for prom.

Other donors and volunteers:

Sally's Consignment Shop, Sharp's Cleaners, Andy Bell from Humana, Men's Wearhouse, Jay Michaels, DD Howson, Melissa Stultz, Carrie Riley, Sherrie Spruc, Linda Lewis, Teresa May, Judy Droddy, Sandi Byle, Kathy Cox, Haley Schroeder, Whitney Blair, Kelley McVoy and Sarah Maze, Barb Richmond, Amy Fischmer and Kim Waller.

Jeremy Dukes at J. Alan Formalwear, Inc., Starz Salon, Roger Wininger, Martha Waynert and Angela Muncy.

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