Gas nears $4 around Kentuckiana

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Gas prices in the Kentuckiana area are hovering around the $4 mark.

Some drivers immediately thought the high price was to take advantage of people getting ready to hit the road for spring break or to travel for the NCAA tournament.  But, according to Roger Boyd, a spokesman for AAA Kentucky, that's not the case.

Boyd told WAVE 3 News, the problem continues to be the economy in Europe and here at home. The price of oil per barrel keeps creeping up.

WAVE 3 viewers sent in pictures Wednesday from all over Kentucky and the southern Indiana area.  There were a few spots were gas was more affordable: $3.73 in Radcliff and $3.78 in Mount Washington, but most gas stations stayed at $3.99 in much of the area.

The high prices are putting a damper on travel plans for people getting ready for spring break but, most drivers we talked to said for now they will still pay the price and don't have any plans of canceling their trips.

Everyone is taking the hit from working families to working college students.

One student told WAVE 3, " I just got my first debit card but, the only transactions on it are gas transactions," she said, "It's ridiculous and I'm working two jobs and I'm trying to buy my car and my gas is eating up my paychecks!"

Driver Brandi Robinson added, " It's very, very high," she told us a commute over the Ohio River from Indiana to Kentucky makes it tougher, "It's too high, especially for people trying to work regular jobs, if you're crossing the bridge to go back and forth."

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