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Decker family prepares temporary home, volunteers pitch in to help

SELLERSBURG, IN (WAVE) - This weekend construction crews are finishing a room addition and volunteers are doing the heavy lifting as the Decker family prepares to move into a temporary home.

You may remember Stephanie Decker's legs were amputated after she used her body to shield her kids during the tornado outbreak. The temporary home is a two-story residence the family owned and rented to tenants, until now. They're moving back into their old house after a tornado leveled their Henryville home March 2.

Their tenants agreed to move out and find another place to live. "It made a huge difference for us because our kids are familiar with this place. It's still kind of home to them. They remember this house," Joe Decker said. 

Joe Decker is also a Silver Creek High School baseball coach and his team pitched in to help over the weekend as the family prepares to move in. "The whole thing has just been incredible. The community support has been pretty much overwhelming," Decker said.

Renovations and improvements are also underway. Construction crews are building a first-level master bedroom and bathroom addition. All of the rooms are on the first level, so the family is expanding the home to accommodate Stephanie.

"The addition is essential for Steph to be able to function in this house," Decker said.

Drywall work is nearly complete. Hardwood floors will replace carpet and the Decker family hopes to be move in next week thanks to a team effort.

"This feels good to come out here and help coach out just because he's helped us out the last four years," Jacob Armstrong said, a senior at Silver Creek High School.

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