Lingering economic impact of NCAA tournament felt at area buisneses

LOUISVILLE,KY (WAVE) All eyes are on the state of Kentucky now for the Final Four, despite the fact that nothing will actually be taking place in town. But, we're still expecting to see a big boost here in Kentuckiana. Bar owners and managers WAVE3 spoke to said that is the case. Bars and pubs across town continue to fill-up and reap the financial benefits of having our regional teams continue to advance so far in the NCAA games. Cards fans and Cats fans of all ages are supporting their teams as they advance to the Final Four. The bars and pubs across the city where those fans decide to gather are also winning the game, economically.

"March Madness, we always love," said Buffalo Wild Wing's Bardstown Road location Manager, Sarah Rucker. "Especially when any Kentucky or local teams make it far our buisness just completely pops."

Advancing regional teams keeps buisness popping. Rucker said buisness has increased about 40% during the games.

"The more local teams win, the more buisness we have, the more money my employees make," said Rucker.

Days after the games took place right here in town, buisness owners and managers tell WAVE 3 there's still a lingering impact being felt.

O'Shea's president and owner, Tom Oshea said "It's good. It gets people out, celebrating and having a good time. Drinking, eating. So, it's great."

Fans pouring into his pub locations, on West Main Street and on Baxter Avenue, translate into thousands of dollars.

"I really don't have a percentage," said Oshea. "But, I would think every pub in town is probably crowded pulling for the teams."

Many in the fan base of those teams understand the economic impact. For some it runs deeper.

"We are a basketball state. A basketball city," said University of Louisville Cardinals fan, Ariel O'Bannon, of Louisville. "This shows the whole nation exactly what we can do. This is a fantastic city to be in."