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Louisville drug bust connected to the Mexican drug cartel

Sgt. Joe O'Toole Sgt. Joe O'Toole
Victor Northington (Source; LMDC) Victor Northington (Source; LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Police say the streets of Louisville are a little safer after they found nearly 12 kilos of cocaine and $84,000 brought here by the Mexican drug cartel.

They say it's a large bust that started at the intersection of Outer Loop and Smyrna Road where they pulled over 33-year-old Victor Northington of Shively for not wearing his seat belt.

According to LMPD, they were actually in the middle of a drug investigation at a home on Pagoda when they say Northington left the house. They followed him to the intersection, pulled him over and he told them he had a bag packed with a half kilo of cocaine in the trunk. That half kilo was just the beginning. Police say it was part of about 11 more kilos of cocaine police found at a home on Rangeland Road.

"They are in a tool box," explained LMPD Sgt. Joe O'Toole. "A large plastic tool box that they purchased. They were put in an attic in a residence that just had a small access point."

An LMPD K-9 sniffed out the drugs, the cash and the person police believe was bringing the drugs into the River City through the Mexican drug cartel. Sgt. O'Toole says his name is Diego Arreola who told police he was just visiting from New Mexico.

"It's actually a very large bust for this area," O'Toole said. "We don't normally see this quantity of cocaine being seized."

Northington is being held at Metro Corrections. Arreola is in the custody of the U.S. Marshal Service.

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