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WAVE 3 Editorial – March 29, 2012: Improving JCPS

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Jefferson County Public Schools can become one of the top urban school districts in America.  That‘s the assessment of an independent team of 25 expert auditors who have spent nearly nine months evaluating the school system's curriculum and organization.

The auditors said JCPS schools are more effective than the general public believes and with the right tools the school district and community have the capacity to be among the best.

The auditors were encouraged by a determination to acknowledge deficiencies and to fix them.

Specific plans to do that include improving the scope of the written curriculum in core academic areas at the middle and high school levels and institutionalizing instructional best practices for that curriculum;   designing and implementing a coordinated, system wide professional development program that supports the curriculum;  and utilizing the district's classroom space more efficiently.

There are several more and we encourage the district to move forward quickly to implement the recommendations and applaud them for asking for the input.

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