Photography couple restoring tornado victim's pictures for free

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Pictures found in the Henryville tornado rubble can mean a whole lot more than a thousand words. A small mom-and-pop photography studio is helping families restore those memories, one photograph at a time.

Lori Lynch and her family survived the Henryville tornado, "I just thank God that he's good to us always," Lynch said.

But her family lost almost everything. Years of memories were blown away.

"They're my life," said Lynch. They're my remembrance of where the children were younger or when my grandparents that have passed on."

That remembrance, pictures of her children and other photos, were found wet and muddy in her yard. Other items were salvaged but the grit and mud is caked on.

"Some of my little guys here. Guys and gals." said Lynch as she held up ripped photos of her children. "These pictures were all ripped up and they're Photoshopping them and getting them back to where they were."

Jana Cole and her husband are doing just that. They are digitally restoring photos for storm victims like Lynch.

"We're cleaning them, scanning them into our computer and then, using Photoshop, trying to restore the pictures back to as close as we can to the original," said Jana Cole, owner and photographer of More Than Words Photography, based in Scottsburg.

But, they have to work efficiently. Cole said they are fighting a time battle as well as a damage battle. It turns out, mud is acidic.

"Acid leaches out the color from the pictures," Cole said.

They're doing all the work absolutely free of charge.

"I hope I can give them a little bit of peace," Cole said. "Just a little bit back of what they've lost."

Peace when dealing with some memories that are now in pieces.

"It really just shows that somebody cares about me and my family, even though they don't have a clue really who we are," said Lynch. "That's very special."
If you are a tornado victim and have pictures that you would like help restoring, contact Jana Cole of More Than Words Photography at 812-528-5839. Or visit their web site at

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