Everybody's talking about it

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WAVE) - So, I know you guys think we're exaggerating when we say the Final Four is the talk of the town, but consider this.

I stop in Qdoba on Bardstown Road Monday to grab a quick taco salad. The guy in front of me was talking about the tickets to the game he got, shortly after the buzzer sounded at the end of the Louisville game on Saturday after beating Florida.

"I got them for $90 each," he said. "Now they're going for about $300!"

"Where're you sitting?" asked the clerk.

"Somewhere on the sideline – about row 500!"

Another clerk says, "I'm coming in here with UK tattooed on my chest after the game."

Another says, "'Cause you'll be a loser!"

My salad was ready, I paid the cashier, was heading out the door, as they continued the discourse, with the cashier playing referee.  I'll go back next week to see the tattoo, or to see if they're still talking to each other.

Stay tuned.

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