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After NCAA loss, fans still proud of Louisville Cardinals

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- After a hard fought run deep into the NCAA Tournament, making it all the way to the Final Four. The University of Louisville Cardinal's season is over. Cards fans tell WAVE 3 it was definitely a tough loss. The sting of it still hurts the day after. But every cards fan WAVE 3 talked to said they are very proud of the team. Sunday, theCardinals returned home from New Orleans with mixed emotions. Their heads held high and eager for the next season.

"It was a little disappointing, but, we had a good run this year," said University of Louisville Wayne Blackshear as he stepped off the bus with his fellow team mates "So, we'll just get ready to be prepared for next year."

"It was very fun. We enjoyed the trip and I enjoyed the time being away with these guys and...just love these guys to death," said University of Louisville Junior, Peyton Siva.

University of Louisville Freshman and Cardinal basketball player, Chane Behanan, said "I'm happy. With the run we had and we get a ring, Final Four. It's something we can come back and celebrate 10, 20 years from now."

Saturday night, UofL and UK fans poured onto sidewalks in a festive mood after UofL's loss.

Sunday, though quiet, the sting still felt. At Fan Outfitters, in St. Matthews it was a store divided.

"The UK is selling a lot better," said Store Manager, Tracy Ruehl. "But, there are still a lot of UofL fans coming in to purchase merchandise."

UK merchandise  flew off the shelves. A few shirts were all that's left of hot-itemed Championship T-shirts ahead of another shipment.

"People were waiting for them," said Ruehl.

On campus Sunday, at UofL, students were talking.

"They're still talking about what we could've done better in the game and stuff like that," said Van Damrongsri, a University of Louisville Freshman.

Among Cards fans on campus and in the city, there was a mutual feeling.

"I'm still proud of them," said Damrongsri. "I'm really happy we got to the Final Four. It was really exciting watching every game in the NCAA tournament."