Super supermarket savings that can cut your bill in half!

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Are you a harried shopper who buys whatever catches your eye? Does your grocery bill send you into a state of shock? Consumer Reports found that the type of shopper you are makes a big difference.

Consumer Reports bought 30 everyday items playing the role of three different types of shoppers: first as the "impulsive shopper" who never shops for bargains, next as the "savvy shopper" who scours flyers and uses savings cards and coupons, then as the "store-brand fan" who buys only store brands.

Consumer Reports found that you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year if you shop smarter.

Here are some examples of what the three different types of shoppers paid for various items:

Orange juice

  • Impulsive shopper -- $1.89 a quart
  • Savvy shopper -- $1.36 a quart
  • Store-brand fan -- $1.25

Tomato sauce

  • Impulsive shopper -- $7.99
  • Savvy shopper -- $1.67
  • Store-brand fan -- $1.67

Cream cheese

  • Impulsive shopper -- $3.29
  • Savvy shopper -- $2.32
  • Store-brand -- $0.99

In all, Consumer Reports cut the impulsive shopper's $241 grocery bill to $87 as a store-brand fan.

Consumer Reports says that if you want to buy national brands, you can still save money by stocking up when they are on sale.

Consumer Reports also compared prices at Costco and found that you can save almost as much at a warehouse club as by buying store brands. But bigger packages don't work for a small family. And keep in mind that bigger packages don't always mean the best value. You still need to check prices carefully.

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