Committee may meet to discuss raising taxi fares

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – When gas prices rise commuters aren't the only ones affected, so are those that drive for a living, such as taxi drivers.

The city of Louisville regulates taxi fares. The city has an ordinance that will allow drivers to charge an extra five percent surcharge when gas prices go to $2.50, $3 and $3.50, but there is no ordinance in place when gas prices raise $4 or more for an extended period of time.

WAVE 3 spoke with the Manager of License and Permits, Glenn Smith, after we aired a story about this matter.

Cabbie says gas prices will punish riders without fare increase

Smith said he will recommend that a ground transportation advisory committee meet to discuss upping the fares due to the high gas prices. The committee will discuss and send recommendations to the Metro Council, which is the only council that can change the ordinance.

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