Baptist Northeast President explains escape

Chris Roty
Chris Roty

LA GRANGE, KY (WAVE) - Baptist Hospital Northeast is often put in the tough position of providing medical treatment to dangerous inmates, because the Kentucky State Reformatory is not far away.

"There are ways to do that. Our staff and physicians have been doing that for a very long time, following the appropriate process," said Chris Roty, Northeast President.

But Roty said the appropriate process was not followed by the prison guard.

"Evidently he wasn't appropriately, procedure when you shackle and unshackle safely a prisoner, wasn't appropriately followed and my understanding is that, in talking to KSP, the proper procedure wasn't followed, so he was able to obtain her gun," Roty said.

Roty said his staff did everything right, treating Claxton in a special room in the ER designated just for inmates. He says the treatment was over, and Claxton was being discharged.

He said Claxton was not handcuffed, so his hands were free to attack the guard when his legs were being unshackled from where he'd been treated.

"My understanding is it could've been a really bad situation, but fortunately the individual did flee. He did wave the gun at staff, which was pretty frightening situation for our staff but he fled and got out of here before hurting anybody," Roty said.

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