Kroger shooting; Pilot dies in-flight; Stretch Your Thunder Dollar

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

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A shoplifting incident at a Louisville Kroger ended with the store manager being shot on the parking lot early this morning. Now, police are looking for three suspects in the case. We'll show you surveillance pictures of the people wanted in connection to this case, and you'll hear Kroger's response to the shooting and how the manager is doing.

It's going to be a special night in Henryville, IN. The Henryville Junior-Senior High School baseball team plays its first home game since the deadly March 2 tornadoes. WAVE 3's Katie Bauer takes you there as the community comes together to root for the Hornets.

Sunday marks the first big holiday in Henryville since most of the town was damaged by the EF4 tornado. But that doesn't mean it won't be a time of celebration -- even for the churches that were hit. WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss explains how this Easter Sunday may be more meaningful than most.

A Wisconsin man flying a private plane collapsed and died at the controls, leaving his elderly wife alone in the air. You'll hear how a family friend scrambled to help the widow land the plane herself.

Former University of Louisville head football coach Bobby Petrino is facing some tough questions after admitting he lied that he was alone when he crashed his motorcycle earlier this week. Turns out, a 25-year-old woman was riding with him. We'll tell you about the punishment he's facing at the University of Arkansas.

Thunder Over Louisville is just two weeks from tomorrow. If you're still looking for a great seat that won't cost you fortune, WAVE 3's Lori Lyle is working for you to help Stretch Your Dollar.

And WAVE 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned tells you whether your Easter egg hunt will have to move indoors on Sunday.

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