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Good Samaritan in Tennessee helps stop child molester

Robert Steven Bumpas (source:Lawrenceburg Police Department) Robert Steven Bumpas (source:Lawrenceburg Police Department)

A man in Tennessee is being called a hero for stopping a child molester. 

Lawrenceburg Police said Dale Urquat saw Robert Bumpus allegedly molesting a girl in his vehicle in an alley behind Urquart's home.  

Urquat said he was sitting on his back porch with his wife when he saw Bumpus pull his van into the alley and park. He thought it was peculiar and walked closer to the van to see what was going on. He saw Bumpus with a young girl.

That's when Urquat ran to notify two other people. He then jumped in his car so he could block Bumpus' vehicle in.

Urquat said Bumpus tried to drive off but lost control. That's when the two vehicles collided. Bumpus jumped out of the car, and Urquat started to restrain him. Bumpus started to pull a razor blade knife but Urquat was able to disarm him.  

"I seen his right hand coming up with a razor blade knife getting ready to cut me and I grabbed that hand and I must have had super strength or something and he dropped that knife," said Urquat.

Urquat plans to testify against Bumpus in court. He faces sexual assault charges and more are pending.

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