Prosecutors wrap their case against man accused of murdering business partner

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The jury is expected to start deciding the fate of the Louisville man charged with killing his business partner sometime Friday. Prosecutors wrapped up their case against him Thursday. Jurors took in a lot of information about not only what was in Kessinger's home, but why the coroner couldn't determine how Diane Tanselle died.

From the large marijuana growing operation to blood, the jury heard a lot about what police say they found in Thomas Kessinger's home during their investigation into her disappearance and murder. Police say several spots of blood belonged to Diane Tanselle.

Prosecutors say Kessinger dumped her body in a van in an apartment complex in Lyndon. The jury heard from crime scene investigators about how that body was found. "It was wrapped up with a tarp and a blanket," testified Tracy Gutterman with Louisville Metro Police Department Crime Scene Unit.

The jury previously saw pictures of Kessinger buying a tarp and duct tape at Home Depot around the time she went missing in April 2010. Investigators testified that there was no duct tape found with Tanselle's body. She wasn't found until April 8, 6 days after she went missing. When prosecutor Erin White asked the medical examiner, "were you able to determine cause of death in this case?" Dr. Amy Burrows-Beckham answered " no, ma'am. I did not"

Because of that Kessinger's attorney is arguing that Tanselle died from either a heart attack or drugs. The medical examiner testified she did have heart disease and there was Hydrocodone and Oxycodone along with alcohol in her system.

"Due to circumstances of how this body was found, I did not feel comfortable that she died from overdose or heart disease, so I called it undetermined," explained Dr. Burrows-Beckham.

Prosecutors argue she could have died from asphyxiation. It is a cause that the medical examiner says there would also be no signs of because of her decomposition.

The jury is deciding Kessinger's guilt for three different charges, including murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

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