Shepherdsville police train for school shooting scenario

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) – School lock downs have become all too familiar to us. While police know there is never enough training for a worst-case scenario they at least try to mentally and physically prepare.

In Bullitt County police swarmed Shepherdsville Elementary, training for a school shooting situation.  It's fake, but the students, who volunteered to act as victims during their spring break, it feels very real.

Student Sarah Knoop said, "Once you're screaming you kinda get into it.  You start acting a little bit more." She admitted the training was intense.

Heaven forbid she ever encounters a real school shooting, but if she does she has learned what to do before police arrive, "Definitely find some cover if you're in the situation.  If they come in, you have to try to relax because they're trying to handle the situation."

The training isn't mandatory by the state but Shepherdsville police do it anyway. Not only does it educate officers, it also familiarizes them with the schools layout.

Retired Captain of Shepherdsville police and trainer in the exercise Ken Bernardi explained, "If you know going into it, this classroom on the second floor does not have any other exit but this classroom on the first floor does - and know where your potential threats are going to be."

If a school shooting happened before Columbine some police departments would wait on SWAT teams. Now, the first officer on scene is the one who makes entry.

It is an exercise that works over the officers and the teens and is intended to do just that.

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