911 dispatchers work to help injured girl; heart-warming surprise for sick boy

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

It's Friday!!!

We've made it to the weekend!  Get it started off right by joining me tonight for WAVE 3 News at 11.

I just listened to some amazingly calm 911 call-takers who got help to injured Aiyana Osburn earlier this week after she was hit by a car.  You'll hear some of those calls for yourself as people tried to save the 7-year old.

Plus, WAVE 3's Katie Bauer is just back from Salem.  She went to a place meant to give kids something to do and keep them off the streets, but the owner of that business says an unfounded rumor is ruining him.

And, a Minnesota boy is counting on doctors in Indiana to save his life from an aggressive brain tumor, but today, he was counting on a special surprise to give him a break from his worries.  You won't want to miss his reaction!

We'll see you for all of that, tonight at 11:00.

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