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Southern Indiana firefighter charged with molesting child

Chad Heishman (Source: Clark County Sheriff's Department) Chad Heishman (Source: Clark County Sheriff's Department)

SELLERSBURG, IN (WAVE) – A southern Indiana firefighter was arrested and charged with molesting a 7-year-old girl who was left in his care.

Chad Heishman, 23, faced a judge for the first time in Clark County Monday afternoon. He entered a not guilty plea.

"As a fireman you are suppose to be a role model, not a predator. Kids look up to you," said the victim's mother, who does not want her identity known. The mother said Heishman is her friend's fiancé and a Sellersburg volunteer firefighter.

The victim's mother said on March 30, Heishman offered to watch her daughters while she went to the doctor with Heishman's fiancé. She said Heishman's 2-year-old daughter was also at the home. At some point during the afternoon, she said Heishman decided to give his daughter a bath.

"He was putting her in the tub, and I guess the other girls wanted to jump in with her, and I guess he put them all three in together, which is his excuse, and I guess he took the younger two out and that's when what happened with her happened," the mother told WAVE 3. 

"During the course of that bath, he molested that female with a mechanical sexual devise," said Jeremy Mull, Clark County Prosecutor.

Court documents show later on March 30, the 7-year-old girl told Heishman's fiancé what happened and she immediately told the girl's mother. According to the police report, Heishman told Sellersburg Police it was an accident.

For the child's mother, that's not an excuse. "There's no way it could have been an accident. I will never believe that it was an accident," she said. 

On Saturday, Heishman was arrested and charged with child molesting. He has since bonded out of the Clark County Jail.

"I think he needs to pay honestly," said the victim's mother. "I think any man that puts themselves in that position needs to pay."

A Sellersburg Fire Department spokesperson said they are aware of the situation, and Heishman has been suspended, pending the outcome of this investigation. 

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