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Kentuckiana's Greatest Generation - William Beasley

William Beasley, right William Beasley, right
USS Conklin DE-439 USS Conklin DE-439
William Beasley, left William Beasley, left

William Beasley served in the US Navy on the USS Conklin DE-439 . He worked in the engine room as Chief Machinist. The ship and its crew were recognized as heroes for surviving the typhoon in 1945 that almost killed everyone on board. The ship was a destroyer escort that hunted Japanese submarines. The USS Conklin sunk 2 submarines during Beasley's tour of duty. The ship faced kamikaze attacks while taking part in the hunter killer groups.

George Cain served with William Beasley on the USS Conklin. 

William Beasley was discharged in 1946 and moved to Louisville to live with his parents after the war. He married his wife and raised two children in Louisville.

Cain and Beasley did not know the other lived in the same city.

William Beasley died in 1984.

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