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Mother hit by alleged carjacker speaks out

Aaron Wallace (Source: LMDC) Aaron Wallace (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – He's accused of leading police on a multi-county chase, from Louisville to Nelson County. Not only do police say Aaron Wallace carjacked a woman, he then side-swiped a mother and baby. 

On Monday afternoon, Tammy Johnson was driving with her 18-month-old boy, Charlie, near the intersection of Hurstbourne Parkway and Six Mile Lane. Out of nowhere her mini-van was hit. 

"The first thing I noticed, our car was being shoved and I just saw a silver flash in my passenger side," said Johnson. "I really didn't know what had happened for a second and the most shocking thing was he didn't stop, he sped through and almost hit a car at the Six Mile intersection."

Little did she know, just minutes before, police say, shirtless 18-year-old Aaron Wallace went up to Carolyn Meadows' car in the Meijer parking lot and demanded that she get out.

"He reached in the car, opened the door and pulled me out and off he went," said Meadows. 

After side swiping Johnson, police say Wallace kept going. Officers spotted him in the silver Ford Escape near Breckenridge lane. He led law enforcement from multiple agencies on a high speed chase down Bardstown Road. His car was eventually stopped after he ran over stop sticks in Nelson County. Then a K-9 officer was able to get him into custody.

"My first thought was I'm just glad that they caught this guy because he could have really hurt someone seriously and I am glad he didn't and I'm glad he was caught," said Johnson. 

In Louisville, Wallace is charged with robbery, fleeing and evading police, and three counts of wanton endangerment. In Nelson County he is charged with resisting arrest and reckless driving.

"I was shaken up more than anything and mad, but other than that, thank goodness we were fine," said Johnson.

Wallace lived with his grandfather, he tells WAVE 3, he doesn't understand why this happened and he is waiting to hear the whole story. 

He says Wallace was just a few credits away from graduating high school. 

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