Thousands celebrate "Incredible" Cards

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - When the Louisville Cardinals went to the Final Four in 2005, 10-thousand people showed up at Fourth Street Live! In 2012, the team didn't get that type of send-off before their trip to New Orleans.

So, better late than never, Coach Rick Pitino wanted to make sure this year's talented team of Cards also got their Final Four celebration. And, once again, thousands of fans packed into Fourth Street Live!

"Go Cards!" yelled a fan, as thousands of folks just like him lined up all the way down Fourth Street to get their hands on the poster titled "Incredible", celebrating an incredible team, it's Seniors and yes, those infrared uniforms.

The poster artist, Chip Dumstorf of the Bisig Impact Group said, "I hear this is the last year for infrared so, you have your commemorative poster from the championship and the color."

As they came to the stage one by one, fans treated Seniors Kyle Kuric, Chris Smith and all the Cards like rock stars.

Fan Bill Redden told WAVE 3 of the celebration, "We clearly understand what took place was a very, very significant thing for us." That's because this is a team that wouldn't quit. A team that despite numerous injuries, surprised everyone with a post season surge: Winning the Big East tournament and making it all the way to the Final Four.

Beloved point guard Peyton Siva told the crowd, "You know, we're very thankful for having you guys come out and support us 100 percent, even though a lot of people doubted us," he smiled, "you guys stayed true to us and you guys believed in us the whole way!"

Fan Brenee Young shouted, "I always believe in my Cards, no matter what, I believe in my Cards!"

Head Coach Rick Pitino told the crowd, "You know what's great? We have ten players returning next year!"

As players exited the stage, young fans who got the chance to high five them, couldn't stop smiling.

And we found two kids celebrating their 12th and 14th Birthdays with the Cards.

Jordan Steele turned 14 and told us, being with the Cards was the only place he wanted to be on his birthday. And Zion Turpin turned 12, "It was the best day ever," he said, "It was the best thing I ever did in my life!"

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