Man pleads guilty to girlfriend's murder

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man accused of killing his girlfriend has pled guilty to the crime.

Michael Greene was sentenced to 40 years in jail Wednesday morning at the Judicial Center.
Prosecutors believe he killed his girlfriend, Ashley Davis, in November of 2010.
"I kind of look at it like we have a life sentence too. We've got the rest of our life we have to live without our daughter being here," Ashley Davis's mom, Connie Parker said.

Parker made Greene's court appearance Wednesday, where Greene was sentenced to 40 years behind bars.

"I just feel like he didn't have remorse for what he had done and it's really upsetting that he destroyed so many lives. He not only destroyed my life, but my grandson's and my daughter's friends and co-workers and relatives and he destroyed his life, too," Parker said.

Parker isn't just worried about herself, but her grandson who's spent the past year and a half without his mom.

"He's getting ready to start school and she won't be there for it and to pick him up," she said.

The five-year-old is in the custody of Davis' ex-husband. Court documents say that Davis and the ex-husband were in the process of getting back together, and believe that is Greene's motive.
Each year, Davis' family plans to hold a celebration of life on her birthday so that Davis won't be forgotten by her son and her friends and family.
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