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WAVE 3 Editorial – April 19, 2012: Feedback

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Several of you took us to task on recent editorials.

Our "Voting Challenges" editorial brought a knock from Joe, who emailed: "It's your problem to either get up early or find a way to get it done if it's that important to you." Connie did agree with us, emailing: "We can, as voters, demand that voting be more citizen friendly.  Any step in that direction is most welcome."

A disgruntled viewer responded to our "Improving JCPS" editorial with a pessimistic email: "They'll still be talking about their broke school system here fifty years from now."

Another viewer responded to our "Civility" editorial with this question: "When is the news media ever civil?"

And Robert took us to task for not including the UofL women's basketball team in our "Hoops Heaven" editorial. 

Thanks for pointing that out and kudos to the UofL women on another very strong basketball season. Hopefully they will be at the Yum Center next year when Louisville hosts the women's NCAA Sweet 16!

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