Private School investigation, Traffic projects plus Derby fun?

Dawne Gee
Dawne Gee

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Parents of Louisville's largest private, all male school are use to academic praise and sports awards but today they will receive news of a different kind.  We'll tell you why school officials are trying to calm parents concerns and how they are handling a situation that has been seen at other educational institutions across the country and here at home.

A new study says women still have an old problem.  Once again percentage points are a problem for females and families in Kentuckiana and all across the country.  It may not be "new" news but it has many asking the question why.  We'll tell you about the latest study on a very old dilemma.

It was an EF4 tornado that damaged the town of Henryville but it is the spirit of its people that are putting back together again.  Now that almost two months have passed, we'll take you on a tour of the town and talk to the residents who are starting a whole new life.

Traffic projects and Derby events may not be a great combination but that's what Kentuckiana can expect.  With Thunder over Louisville days away and interstate lanes already closed, what can you and your family do to spend more time at all the affairs rather than on the road ?   WAVE 3's Chris McGill will help you plan your route for all the fun and make sure you know how to make it to all the other important places in your life.

Plus this weekend, weather is a key factor for everything Derby from Thunder to the Chow Wagons.  WAVE 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned will have all the information you need to plan your weekend.

Whether you are cooking dinner or finally taking some time off your feet, please join us at 5:00!

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