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Rebuilding in southern Indiana expected to take years after March tornadoes

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The long term recovery effort is underway in the areas of southern Indiana hit by the Tornado almost 7 weeks ago. Those helping say they expect to be there for two years.

The work may seem like nothing more than the type of project you would do around the house on the weekend but when the people who own the homes have been fixing things day after day for nearly 7 weeks, "first thing that happened the tree fell over there. It took out that fence and part of their fence," says Terri McKillip, getting help from two strangers from Fort Wayne seems like a blessing. "It's wonderful. It's a gift from god. Especially for Joe and I. We are both disabled we can't do much," she explains.

The McKillip's name is just one of many posted on the wall at Henrvyille Community Church who are waiting on people like Kevin Weaver and Matt Hile to stop by. The church turned their food bank into the central location for volunteers and victims right after the EF-4 tornado.

"We were able to serve lots and lots of people. Thirteen or 14 hundred people a day during the very difficult days," says Pastor Rich Cheek.

Since those days have passed, the center has turned into ground zero for the long term recovery effort offering three meals a day every week, information for victims and assignments for volunteers.

"We still need people. We need people everyday," explains Cheek.

Right after the storm the focus was medical needs, then items to clean. Now it's moved on to building supplies. "We cannot get enough 2x4s, 2x6, plywood or shingles. We can't," says Cheek.

Because a home like the McKillips is only one of hundreds from Pekin to Borden that will need to be fixed up before anyone can say the cleanup from the March 2 tornado is complete.

There is a website you can go to if you want to help You can go on there to find out what is still needed and sign up to help.

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