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Hundreds gather at the capital for Hitler's birthday

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – A large crowd gathered outside of the capitol as hundreds turned out Saturday to celebrate Hitler's birthday.

The people celebrating are the National Socialist Movement, one of the largest Neo Nazi organizations in the country.

They were joined by the KKK for their annual rally.

Hundreds of protesters also showed up to the event carrying signs and telling the groups to go home.

There was insults exchanged between the sides by police said no arrests were made.

Imhotep Rashurael, who lives in Frankfort said, "The signs I saw here, a lot of people's you know proving what we really have to live off of, which is love, living on vibrational energy. What they was spitting off from the Capitol was nothing but hate."

Leader of the National Socialist Movement Jeff Schoep said, "Were not racist. We're a white civil rights organization. Just as the blacks have people that stand up for their people we're out here standing up for white people. In this country you have so many people that are afraid to stand up for the white race. They're concerned for other races. We're standing here for our people."

The commander of the Detroit based group said they held their rally in Kentucky because of the state's illegal immigration problem and the effects of the national recession.

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