Henryville students use game systems to stay fit

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- As high school students head outside this spring to hit the tennis courts, softball and baseball fields, Henryville High are instead turning on game-systems.

In make-shift classrooms at Mid-America Science Park in Scottsburg, the students are far removed from any outdoor sports opportunities. But thanks to donations raised at Eastern High School in Louisville, the Henryville Health and PE teacher is making the most out of modern day technology.

Through WII and Connect video game systems, students are involved in everything from baseball to boxing.

"I wanted to make sure they did get some exercise, a little fitness," John Bradley said, "with these Connects, all about body motion.  With WII's, you have to use movement, it's great for hand-eye coordination."

"We still get exercise, it might not be as physically intense" said sophomore Cameron Hardesty," but it's still exercise." Kendra Tanner agrees," especially the dancing! The dancing makes you sweat!"  

The class is such a hit that students are rarely late and Bradley says even teachers are staying late to play the games after school. They plan to add the games to the PE curriculum once the new school is back in session this summer. Classes are scheduled to begin August 7.

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