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WAVE 3 Guest Editorial – April 24, 2012: Right-to-Work

By Corey Thomas
Spencer County High School

It takes courage to be a public official. However, the term courage should be reexamined before it is applied to many working in our state's legislature.  

At a time when the state's unemployment rate is above the national average and the annual budget deficit has surpassed $1 billion, Kentucky's lawmakers squandered time on partisan fighting instead of improving the business climate. In order to improve the state's economy in a substantive way, legislators need to pass Right-to-Work legislation. 

From 2000 to 2010, right-to-work states experienced lower unemployment rates; wages grew 8.6% versus a 1.8% decline in forced-union states. Productivity in right-to-work states also grew - 21.8%. Right to work promotes freedom- which is why businesses are attracted to it. Employers in a right to work economy are able to hire and fire employees based on merit, not because of what union bosses want.  

The government should create a business climate suitable for economic growth. If you are dissatisfied with a sub-par economy, vote for those in the upcoming election who support Right to Work legislation.

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